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About Us:

The Data Development Group is a New England based information services company. Our primarily focus is providing geography information system (GIS) solutions and spatial data development services to local, regional and state public agencies and non-profit organizations. In this pursuit, we often work with private sector partners who deliver complimentary services and who require third party expertise and services related to GIS mapping systems.

Mark Fahey originated the Data Development Group in August of 2001. (See Mark Fahey’s professional biography.) Mr. Fahey & his associate partners have attained over 30 years of combined experience working in the field of geography information science (GIS). DDG takes great pride in applying this experience to utilize the latest and best practices in delivering cutting edge location based information services to our clients.

Apart from our core competency in delivering mapping data services, we also provide client server services, database design and hosting, and web services that allow GIS to integrate with enterprise systems.

As a spatial data development service provider, DDG recognizes accurate and well-formatted GIS data as our most essential service component. We understand regional and national data formatting standards and works within our clients’ means to comply with these conventionalities. Additionally, DDG understands the use requirements of local GIS audiences. This enables us to design a data development plan that allows our clients to fully utilize the potential of a GIS, making it possible for them to use their GIS data throughout their organization and expand it’s utilization in future projects.

The Data Development Group prides itself on our prioritized attention to our customer’s obligations and goals. DDG focuses intently on our client’s needs to find customized solutions that work specifically within their means. From this outlook, DDG has developed and continues to gain a very loyal and diversified client base.

Clients groups that we serve include the following:
  • Municipalities and city agencies;
  • Regional planning organizations;
  • State agencies and other government offices;
  • Universities and higher learning institutions;
  • Non profits and community development corporations;
  • Architect and engineering companies;
  • Private sector planning and research consulting companies; etc.

Data Development Group
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